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To implement and integrate systems and administrative tools to make extraordinary admin assistance ordinary.

To provide administrative assistance to alien companies and individuals for the set up and management of their Italian businesses and to promote Italian businesses abroad.

Local compliance, global assistance.


We provide our services basing our assistance on a pillar: our clients are the main driver of our relations, and our services are tailored to their needs.
We provide administrative and fiscal support, dealing with yearly tax returns, financial reporting, accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, company management - and consulting in all the above areas.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

With a dedicated team specialized in all aspects of accounting, we provide civil law compliant data processing services for the preparation of local books, periodic reports - in any format - and annual financial statements, according to national and international accounting standards.

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Tax Compliance & Advice

The firm provides ordinary and extraordinary assistance and consulting services to its clients on national and international tax matters, from compliance to planning, from tax package preparation to filing, from reporting to litigation - on a local and global level.

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Payroll & HR assistance

We help our clients deal with the complexity of the Italian payroll system, by providing operational support to HR managers, a highly automatized IT infrastructure for the management of employment relations, and tailored outputs to suit any and all reporting requirement.

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Corporate law & secretarial

From company formation to liquidation, from annual financial statements preparation to non-recurrent appointments, we take care of everything - filings, changes and retrieval of corporate documentation with and from official registries and authorities.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Specializing in M&A strategy, planning, deal execution and integration, we conduct due diligence in the areas of financial risk, human resources, tax and bookkeeping to help our clients in the choice of the right target at the right price, and in the optimization of post-merger integration processes, easing and maximizing deal value.

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Auditing Services & Assurance

Auditing is a fundamental pillar of a functioning business world. We draw deliverables with integrity, technical experience and a broad understanding of markets and businesses. 
Voluntary or statutory requirement, requested by the HQ office or a shareholder - we adapt our outputs to the needs of the recipient.

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Just like our customers, we are constantly evolving.
For almost 50 years, we've been assisting our clients with their Italian initiatives. Today, we are a team of 20, coordinated by three partners.

Our internal departments are made of teams and the center of our organization is our client.

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The established relationship with the Italian professional institute of the Chartered Accountants (Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti), as well as that of the Certified Auditors (Revisori Legali), guarantees that the clientele’s needs be promptly met.

We are members of a worldwide association of advisory and accounting firms, with representation in countries throughout the world, providing no-boundary assistance to clients.


We are members of national and international business organizations that we rely on to assist our clients

We are PrimeGlobal


Even if numbers are not the only indicators of our specialty, we think that these represent us and our organization well.

With a presence of almost a half century and a dedicated team for all administrative service areas, we provide our clients and their Italian entities with truly comprehensive administrative services.


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